MARKET (Opportunity)

Embarking on the Infinite Web 3.0 Project Market Journey

Due to the widespread dissemination of the distinctive features of SASEUL's engine and mainnet technologies, it is anticipated that the number of Web 3 projects participating in the SASEUL blockchain network will significantly increase. SLUSH will facilitate the diversification and early market entry of projects by providing funding and investment opportunities for crypto projects.

1️⃣ Benchmarking Established Large Blockchain Projects

Considering the scale of entry projects for established large blockchains such as Ethereum, SLUSH, as a launchpad based on SASEUL, is expected to progressively achieve similar levels of success in the blockchain market by modeling the success of these large blockchain projects.

2️⃣ Promoting Early Launch and Market Entry of Diverse Web 3 Projects

As a platform contributing to the successful launch and market entry of various Web 3 projects and tokens in the early SASEUL blockchain market, SLUSH is positioned to provide opportunities for blockchain migration of existing projects or rapid growth in the SASEUL blockchain market.

3️⃣ Providing Funding and Investment Opportunities

SLUSH has a structure that meets diverse requirements for successful fundraising and development of crypto projects. This offers projects the opportunity to effectively enter and grow in the market, while providing investors with new alternative investment opportunities."

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