Expansion of DEFI Revenue Model Based on Launchpad Business Infrastructure

SLUSH's tokenomics is implemented through the issuance and operation of the governance token, SLU token. In addition to the operation of SLU token, SLUSH's primary tokenomics includes the utilization of tokens issued by projects participating in Launchpad events for operating DEFI services.

Furthermore, SLUSH operates utility tokens using the stablecoin of the SASEUL blockchain.

1️⃣ SLU Token (Governance Token)

⏺️ Issuance

1 billion

⏺️ Operation & Utilization

- Funding SLUSH projects

- Benefits for SLUSH service users

- Benefits for SLUSH token buyers and users

2️⃣ SASEUL Stable Token (Used as SLUSH utility token)

⏺️ Issuance (Issuing Entity: ZIGAP Project, Mutual cooperation)

Pegged to USDT and issued infinitely

※ Conversion to USD pegging upon activation of the SASEUL blockchain network

⏺️ Operation · Utilization

- Purchase and exchange intermediary for other tokens

- Payment of transaction fees, etc.

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