Service Diversification

With the growth of the SASEUL market S-Launch  Service Diversification

Initially, SLUSH will prioritize supporting fundraising for crypto projects through the S-Launch service and stimulate the entry of various dApps and Web 3 projects into the SASEUL blockchain market. Subsequently, as the crypto projects diversify and user base strengthens, we will diversify services and revenue models through SWAP, S-Vault, S-Farm, and S-NFT services. This evolution will ultimately strengthen the ecosystem of individual projects, transforming into a platform.

1️⃣ Jan 2024 I S-Launch v1.0

  • S-Launch Standard Service

  • SASEUL SL Coin, ZIGAP ZIG Token, SLUSH SLU Token and Fundraising

2️⃣ Q2 2024 I S-Launch v2.0 & S-SWAP v1.0

  • S-Launch Block Deal Service

  • S-SWAP Limit Order SWAP Service

3️⃣ Q3 2024 I S-Launch v3.0 & S-SWAP v2.0 & S-Vault Testnet

  • S-Launch Bidirectional Event Registration Service

  • S-SWAP Bidding SWAP Service

  • SLUSH SLU Token DEX Listing

4️⃣ Q4 2024 I S-Vault v1.0 & S-Farm v1.0

  • S-Vault Custody Service

  • S-Farm Staking & Yield Farming Service

  • SLUSH SLU Token CEX Listing

5️⃣ 1H 2025 I S-Launch v3.0 & S-NFT Testnet

  • SLUSH Mobile App

  • Roadmap Update

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