Development and Operations Outsourcing in collaboration with SEOUL LABS

The development and operation of the SLUSH project, separate from ownership, are outsourced to SEOUL LABS. The foundation of the SLUSH project primarily focuses on securing resources and overseeing operations. SEOUL LABS is responsible for managing the overall service operations, including development, operations, and marketing of the SLUSH service. This arrangement is based on SEOUL LABS leading the initial technology and ecosystem of the SASEUL blockchain network.

1️⃣ Overall Supervision of the SLUSH Project – SLUSH Foundation

⏺️ Resource procurement and operational management for the project

⏺️ Key decision-making for the project

2️⃣ Operation of the SLUSH Service – SEOUL LABS

⏺️ Comprehensive outsourcing of SLUSH service development, operation, and marketing

⏺️ Independent pursuit of related technology development and solution business by SEOUL LABS

⏺️ Payment of 50% of SLUSH service revenue as a comprehensive outsourcing fee (settled monthly)

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