SLU (Expected)

Expected Value Appreciation with SLUSH Service Revenue and Activation Level

The SLU token serves as both the governance token for SLUSH and is utilized to provide benefits to users of the SLUSH service. The price of SLU token is linked to the transaction activity, including the fee revenue from the investment amount in crypto project tokens through SLUSH. Additionally, the value fluctuation of SLU token is influenced by the extent of token purchase and repurchase based on SLUSH project team's business revenue.

1️⃣ Key Business Achievements and Outlook of ZIGAP Service (Refer to Compensation Plan and GOAL section)

2️⃣ SLU Token Purchase & Repurchase

  • Allocate 20~50% of SLUSH's overall business operating profit as resources.

  • The project team purchases and repurchases circulating SLU tokens in the market to adjust the circulation volume.

  • Drive the increase in the value and price of SLU tokens.

3️⃣ SLU Token Listing Schedule: Refer to the ROADMAP

※ The above information is an internal goal of the project team and may differ from the actual outcomes.

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