SLUSH LP(Launchpad)

Beyond the SASEUL Launchpad: An Integrated Smart Investment Platform

SLUSH goes beyond merely facilitating Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) for the initial fundraising of crypto projects. It provides a comprehensive investment solution that includes fundraising, DEFI services, SWAP, NFT investments, and more. SLUSH is not only an integrated smart investment platform on the SASEUL blockchain network but also an incubator for future unicorn crypto projects.

1️⃣ S-Launch I The gateway to the world for top-tier projects

  • S-Launch serves as a gateway for exceptional crypto projects to move into the world by supporting initial fundraising.

  • Distinguishing between general sales and block deals, it provides not only SLUSH platform-led ICO but also an open sales service where crypto project owners can directly register events.

2️⃣ S-Vault I Robust Investor Asset Storage Ensuring Investment Stability

  • S-Vault plays a role as a robust investor asset storage, ensuring investment stability.

  • Provides a secure and reliable investment environment, offering investors opportunities for stable reward returns through staking.

3️⃣ S-Farm I Operation of Staking Reward Distribution Products

  • Provides staking rewards and priority investment opportunities for new projects.

  • Offers investors reward returns through staking rewards for each crypto project's token assets and grants priority investment opportunities for upcoming launchpad events.

4️⃣ S-SWAP I Leading SWAP Service on SASEUL Blockchain

  • Pioneers SWAP services within the SASEUL blockchain.

  • Offers a user-centric, stable, and fast SWAP service, enabling users to exchange their crypto assets acquired on SLUSH.

5️⃣ S-NFT I NFT Presale Platform

  • Provides NFT presale services.

  • Offers presale opportunities for outstanding NFT projects, providing project teams with early fundraising and market response check opportunities, and giving investors a chance to effectively secure NFTs at a low cost.

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