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  1. Agreement to Terms

Before using the SLUSH Launchpad service or products, it is essential to read this Agreement in its entirety. This Agreement is established to define the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the users of the SLUSH Launchpad service ("hereinafter referred to as 'the Service'") and TB Tech Ltd. ("hereinafter referred to as 'the Company'"), which operates the Service. You must read and agree to the entire Agreement before using the Service. The Company has outsourced the operation of the Service to Seoul Labs, which carries out the service operation and management tasks in accordance with the instructions of the Company.

Consent to use the Service is given when a person wishing to use the Service agrees to these Terms and indicates their consent to use the Service by checking the "Agree" button provided on the Service interface.

  1. License Grant

The Company grants a non-exclusive, personal, and non-transferable right to use the Service on a personal computer or other devices capable of accessing the Internet. This right includes access to and use of the Service as provided and described on the slushx.com website ("the Service" refers collectively to the website and all its features). Seoul Labs processes users' information such as names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and service usage records during the operation of the Service for purposes such as service provision, user identification and authentication, service improvement, statistical analysis, and marketing. Seoul Labs ensures the protection of user information and processes it in compliance with privacy laws.

  1. Restrictions on Service Use

The following individuals are not allowed to use the Service:

  • Minors under the age of 18

  • Individuals who are not considered adults in certain regions and countries

  • Individuals who access or use the Service from a region where the use of the Service is restricted or prohibited by applicable laws

Users may not: (a) copy, create derivative works of, distribute, publish, decompile, disassemble, modify, or translate the SLUSH Launchpad website or Service; or (b) use the Service in a manner that is prohibited or regulated by applicable laws or regulations ("Unauthorized Use").

The Company retains all implied rights and other rights not expressly granted to the user under this Agreement, including all rights, titles, and interests in the Service. Users are solely responsible for any damages, costs, or expenses arising from Unauthorized Use.

Users must notify SLUSH Launchpad immediately upon becoming aware of Unauthorized Use and provide reasonable assistance to SLUSH Launchpad in any investigation conducted based on the information provided.

The trademarks and service marks, including "SLUSH Launchpad", the domain name, and any other trademarks or service marks used by SLUSH Launchpad as part of the Service ("hereinafter referred to as 'the Trademarks'"), are the exclusive property of SLUSH Launchpad.

In addition, all content on the website, including but not limited to images, drawings, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio, and text ("hereinafter referred to as 'Site Content'"), is the property of SLUSH Launchpad and is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property or rights.

Users acknowledge that they do not acquire any rights to any part of the Site Content or Trademarks by using the Service. Under no circumstances may Site Content or Trademarks be used without the prior written consent of SLUSH Launchpad. Users also agree not to engage in any conduct that could harm or potentially harm the rights of SLUSH Launchpad, including intellectual property rights.

  1. Disclaimer of Warranties

The Service is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranties of any kind, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any damages, costs, or expenses arising from the unavailability, unsuitability, incompleteness, or errors of the Site or SLUSH Launchpad information. The Company is not responsible for any malicious, illegal, or unauthorized transactions. It is the user's responsibility to have appropriate protection mechanisms in place for the devices, programs, and information security used to access the Service. The act of using the Service is considered to be an assumption of the risk of all losses that may occur in connection with such use.

In the event of service interruption or error, the responsibilities of the Company and Seoul Labs are as follows:

  • The Company: As the service provider, bears the overall responsibility for the Service and decides the direction and policies of service operation.

  • Seoul Labs: As the service operation agency, carries out the service operation and management tasks in accordance with the Company's instructions.

  1. Service Access Rights

The Service is immediately available to users who have completed the agreement to use the Service, in accordance with the operating policy. However, the operator may restrict or terminate the right to use the Service, and accordingly, users agree that access to and use of the Service is entirely at their own risk and that they understand the risks associated with using the Service.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by the laws of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). In the event of any dispute between the user and SLUSH Launchpad regarding these Terms or the Service, such dispute shall be resolved in accordance with BVI law.

  1. Others

The Company may change the operating policy for better service from time to time and will notify users of the changed terms in a way that is easy for users to understand (website). In principle, if these Terms are modified or changed, they will be announced or notified 30 days before the effective date. The Company may change the terms of the operating agreement with Seoul Labs, and such changes will be announced on the website or within the service.

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